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Lozère and Cevennes

The character of the Cévennes is defined by four predominant landscape types:

-  that of the deep terraced cévenole valleys with stone buildings in the locally available schist and chestnut groves which recall a bye-gone golden age and the industrial heritage of silk production;

-  that of the mountain country of the granite massifs of Mts Aigoual and Lozère, the high domain of grass lands and the transhumance of flocks with their shepherds, and of vast areas of mountainous forest planted at the end of the 19th century;

-  that of the high karstic plateaux, known locally as 'les Causses', with pasture for the animals claimed from the harsh environment by centuries of hard labour and where the humble habitations stand side by side with more imposing and elegant structures;

-  and lastly, that of the precipitous limestone valleys and gorges with terraced geology and local architecture executed with limestone in a style similar to that of the Causses.

mont Aigoual et mont Lozère (JPG)

Dominique et Laurence Roullier
gîte d'étape, bed & breakfast, meals on the farm
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