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Walking in the Cevennes

The Cévennes are a natural preserve which ranks in its variety of flora and fauna amongst the richest to be found in Europe. It is a walker's paradise where wild mountainous country, open moor land, forests, streams and steppe are settled with hamlets, gardens, terraces, meadows and pastures. In January 2005 the French Government proposed the Cevennes and the Causses to U.N.E.S.C.O. for adoption as a world heritage site.

The amazing variety in landscape of the Cevennes valleys, the Causses and the Mt Lozère brings diversity and interest in each day's walking from one gîtes (bed and breakfast) to the next for the overnight-stop, whether within or outside the boundary of the Cevennes National Park. You can have in your pocket Robert Louis Stevenson's book 'Travels with a mule across the Cévennes'.

This region has been the silent witness to the wars between the Camisards; its large houses have sheltered resistance fighters in the second World war (Galabertès was a refuge for a maquis of Jewish anti-fascists after they had fought in the Spanish civil war). Such encounters with time and historical events will leave you thinking.

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Many oportunities of walking itineraries which can be tailored to your aptitude and length of stay with overnight stops at gîtes (bed and breakfast) and also with the possibility of lunch stops close to rivers where in the summer you can take a swim.

-  for families with children, staying 3 or 5 or 7 days
-  for a short stay or weekends
-  one day walks (randos-journée) centred on Galabertès

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Dominique et Laurence Roullier
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